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My BG Astina
Pictures go from newest to oldest I'm afraid :-/

This is a constant work in progress. got a standard SOHC engine. Constant bodywork upgrades depending on available free time.
finally found some A-Pillars...
need some wheels.
:( two sheets of newspaper next time. The aerosol propellant went through and stuck the paper to the black paint (which wasn't properly set either)....
Cheap base-coat to cover bumps and black overspray and grey primer. Before the expensive colour-matched red.
Sanded, polished and refurbished rubber :)
Ahhh... the smell of fresh (unsanded) clear coat is good for the soul
Getting dirty sitting out in the weather :(
Getting there...
Finally re-painting the front bar!
What a car... :)
Royal Hobart Show Day: Perfect day to polish the cars! (Brings out the stone chips though...)
Painted vents. Stereo. View from the backseat.
Parcel Tray from a wrecked BG. New speakers from Supercheap
Re-painted the rear windscreen pillars. Much improved!
Painted the rocker cover
A-Pillars!!! (and a Polish)
Just got some new hubcaps. Gotta find some A-Pillars...
Jap-Spec Tail-lights! Thanks for the sticky thread guys :)
Found an SP at Maccas :P

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