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  1. B&M short shifters (GB ends 16/4/04)
  2. FS VIC: MOMO Direct to Public Clearance Sale
  3. GB FS : TWM shortshifter and Knob Group Buy - Closes 15/5/05
  4. EOI: GB - DBA Slotted rotors
  6. EOI [Group Buy]- Straight Cut 3rd gear pair - DIRECT FIT
  7. Eoi:[qld] New Cai Carbon System
  8. EOI [AUS]: Guage Rings BA / BJ
  9. [EOI] Australia Wide - D2 Coilover Suspension for the BA Lantis 94-98
  10. I'm a Newbie - and I want to suspension GB.
  11. GB: LUCAS and Protex Brake Pad Group Buy!!!
  12. GB FS: PAR racing flywheels for BG astinas and BPTs!!
  14. GB: [EUR] indiglo HVAC Panel 323F BG
  15. 10% discount coupon code for PowerBulbs
  16. GB: (BA facelift/BJ) EL-glow / indiglo dials animo check
  17. GB: [NL] Animo Check 323F BG EL DIALS
  18. GB: EL- dials 323F BJ
  19. EOI: Quick and simple Short Shift buy
  20. EOI: ultimate auto trim
  21. FS: B3M Exedy Deal Struck!
  22. GB: [CLOSED] AstinaGT.com stickers
  23. GB [CLOSED]: EL Dials + Chrome Gauge Rings for BG/BA/BJ
  24. GB: [EUR] EL Dials + Console ASTINA BG
  25. EOI: [AUS] BA Polished sill plate logos
  26. GB: [CLOSED] EL Guages BG astina + BA astina
  27. GB: [EUR] Cosmo Air Intakes!!! BA/BG/BJ
  28. GB: [EUR] Fuel pressure regulators!!
  29. GB: [EUR] seats retrim BG, BA maybe BJ
  30. S/O: AstinaGT.com stickers
  31. GB: MAZDA Wings Keyrings
  32. GB EOI: set up a group buy for leather shift boots?
  33. EOI: BJ retrimmed seatcovers.
  34. EOI [CLOSED]: BA Hatch ZXi Splitter
  35. GB: [EUR] seats retrim BG, BA, BJ
  36. EOI: EL dials BG BA BJ
  37. GB: [AUS] Gauge rings to suit BJ
  38. GB: Retrimmed Seats
  39. GI: Medieval Motor Mounts
  40. EOI: [AUS] BC Coilover Group Buy!!!
  41. EOI: [AUS] BG Tinted Perspex Sunroof groupbuy 2009
  42. Window Tinting in Sydney
  43. S/O: [CLOSED] AstinaGT.com stickers
  44. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate full version with COA
  45. EOI: [QLD] BP Engine cover
  46. EOI: switchblade keyfob for BJ 323/KN-KQ laser
  47. EOI - Mazda 3/MPS parts
  48. S/O: AstinaGT.com stickers
  49. EOI: BA Astina / CBA Lantis Type-R mini-skirts
  50. [EOI] - Cosmo Racing Purchase
  51. GB/EOI: Carbon Fibre Vinyl.
  52. GB/EOI: ScanGauge II
  53. GB/SO: Model RC stuff
  54. GB: [AUST] Dissy/CAS O Ring for MX5/Familia/323/Astina/Laser
  55. EOI - BJ/SP20 - Autoexe "style" front grill
  56. GB: Chassis braces to suit BJ Astina/Protege
  57. Engine Builder/Mechanic VIC
  58. EOI - front lip for sp20
  59. GB: [AUS] Bumper clips to suit BJ/SP20
  60. GB: Bumper Sag Fix brackets
  61. AWR engine mounts.
  62. GB: SP20 Projector Retrofit Parts
  63. GB:Protege5 Chrome Door Sills
  64. GB: Camber Adjustment Bolts
  65. [EOI]: Stylyze Online
  66. [SALE] TWM Gear
  67. GB: [AUS] Cusco Japan Parts (orders closed)
  68. GB: Progress 22mm Rear Sway Bar for 1998-2003 Mazda Astina/Protege
  69. S/O: AAC 323 BJ Bumper Brackets
  70. EOI- [QLD] Importing Used Engines
  71. GB: [AUS] Supergrid Aero Wipers [CLOSED]
  72. GB: Crossover Auto
  73. S/O: QEEP - Aero Blade Windscreen Wipers - Universal (Pair)
  74. GI: Autoexe Chassis Bracing
  75. EOI: custom solid front swaybar for BA.
  76. EOI [QLD] dynamat extreme bulk
  77. EOI: [QLD] 949 racing stufff
  78. EOI: Clear Indicators for BA Hardtop
  79. EOI: RedlineGoods Leather gear boots/handbrake/steering wheel wraps
  80. EOI GB: [AUS] Carbon fibre & FRP bonnets for BA Astina Hatch and Hardtop
  81. GB: [AUS] AWR Order
  82. GB: AIR Diversion Panel
  83. EOI - Poly Window Bushings for BA series Astina.
  84. G/B corksport order
  85. EOI: BA C/V joints or fuel filter
  86. CR3 Motorsports GB
  87. EOI [GB] FP/FS Adjustable Cam Gears
  88. GB: Miataroadster.com and possibly other parts
  89. EOI: BA fender braces
  90. EOI: BA Window Guide Bushes
  91. EOI: 2.3L to 2.0L MZR spin on oil filter conversion kit
  92. GB: Jay Racing Thermal Spacers
  93. S/O: AstinaGT.com stickers
  94. Projector Retrofit - TRS Order
  95. GB EOI: JUN parts
  96. AAC Sag Brackets ( fix bumper sag)
  97. GB EOI: AWR solid engine mounts for BG
  98. GI: Wholesale 20mm Rear Sway Bar Remake
  99. CR3 Motorsport buy
  100. GI: AWR Rear Sway Bar and end links