View Full Version : The SP20 has it's full set of suspension goodies

13-11-2003, 07:05 PM
So they're all in the car.

For those not up to speed on this....

Previously, all that had been done to the suspension was lowered springs by Kings. I checked today, it's actually 35mm drop.

So the new Whiteline first-of-it's-kind front strut brace is in, replacing the stock mild steel item with a billet aluminium piece that is one third of the weight I reckon, and MUCH stiffer :)
New part number at Whiteline is KSB622 for those that want one, about $180 retail. Mine was cheaper coz my car was the "jig" for it.....

Also new in is the Whiteline 20mm adjustable rear sway bar, standard is 18mm nominally, measures 17.7mm.
Base setting is 52% stiffer than stock, firmer setting about 65%.

Koni Sport Yellow shocks are now in too :) and yes you can get them to fit this car........they are not on the Koni catalogue coz they are not "regular fit", a bit tight in the strut sleeve, have to be linished, no biggy, but all good.....

The ride is now a bit firmer, but very well damped and still comfortable in a different way. I am usin 1.25 turns of 2 in the front, and about 2/3 of a turn in the back going from soft towards hard in the rebound control, as a start point as Whiteline suggested.

Then there are camber bolt kits front and rear as well now running 1.3 deg negative front, a tick under 1 deg negative rear.

Pic of the front brace asap folks.......

First impressions, it's all a bit more positive in everything it does, front end quite a bit more grippy, just turns in, steering a little firmer as well, it just "happens".
Nice!!! :lol:

More impressions when I spend some time on some decent roads......

14-11-2003, 12:42 PM
You'll find that the rear bar is a little bit more that 50-60% stiffer. On the stiffer setting it is equivalent to a 22mm bar - which is 2.2 times the OE stiffness. :twisted:

Maybe the difference might not be that profound on the SP20 going from a stock 18mm bar - but on the 1.8L going from the 16mm bar :shock: 3.57 times the OE stiffness. Yeah!

You should notice the rear tyres yowling as much as the fronts now!!!

15-11-2003, 02:53 AM
nice nice nice

time for me to play abit of follow the leader, i have konis now too but the sway and strut it a must have... hey how else are we meant to make a dumb v8 driver look silly... as they say its called a "corner"

calling whiteline tomoz.

15-11-2003, 08:38 AM
Hey Critter,

You will enjoy the Konis, they are great.

Yo gotta play with them a bit to find the right setting. Too hard and you go boing boing boing all the time when driving on not so good roads.
Makes you a bit airsick after a long drive!

Certainly make the car a different beast.


16-11-2003, 02:57 PM
Well Done Critter !!
I remember when mine came back from whiteline after they did the same R&D
with my car. It just felt like things were solid against previous spongeyness.
Hope you have some great fun driving it around I know I have.



17-11-2003, 07:40 AM
GAWD damn.. sounds nice! I was blown away the first time I drove the SP20 (corners and all) .. I am sure your car would blow me away once again.. nice..

17-11-2003, 04:34 PM
hows it all feeling now u have clocked up sum k's in chriss

good to see u have done it

17-11-2003, 09:18 PM
Well I just got in from a good "night fang" on my favourite local piece of tarmac (Hawkesbury Heights Lookout) :) :) :) :) :)


I can just throw the car at a hairpin and it just tracks around, no scrub, washout, push, just mad really.
Fast sweeper tracking like the proverbial rails.
Change of direction, huge tick :)

In fact corner speed is so much better I just run out of gearing where I didn't before going from corner to corner.

There are quite likely better handling front drive cars out there, but the list will be awfully short IMO......

23-11-2003, 11:15 PM
I got my springs ordered, getting installed this upcomgin weekend, what should be next?

A new strut bar to replace the standard one?

24-11-2003, 09:39 AM
looking at lowering mine soon. what springs are you getting preeman80 and how much? tks.

24-11-2003, 11:28 AM
The camber kits are well worth doing IMO.
The adjustable rear bar is a good thing too.

24-11-2003, 02:54 PM
hmm.. adjustable rear bar? sif I know how to use it. :wink:

I got 40mm drop on Kmac springs, $337 with wheel alignment, this was from ozzy tyres.. I still feel a bit ripped off, I would have liked to pay under 300 with alignment. :(

24-11-2003, 05:46 PM
That's still a pretty good price though mate.. Looking forward to seeing some nice pics of it..


24-11-2003, 06:05 PM
btw.. do they have to take my rear seats out to do some stuff? :?

24-11-2003, 07:56 PM
what stuff r u talking about u lost me here
if ur talking about the springs they only remove the plastic panels beside ur parcel tray the strut nuts r under them

24-11-2003, 11:05 PM
odd12c : yup.. thats what i was wondering about. the strut nuts, as in sedans you can usually see them there.

25-11-2003, 05:11 PM
the plastic bits where ur seat belts come out [in the back] if you just pull them up they come off only got clips then u will see a cup type thing with the seat belt through it undo i think 2 nuts maybe 3 then under that cup is ur stut tower mounts another 3 nuts