View Full Version : Snow chains

30-06-2004, 07:31 PM
I've got stock 16" rims on my car and I want to fit snow chains. Will they scratch my rims up, or can I get special ones for cars that have low profile tyres. Has anyone tried?

01-07-2004, 03:52 AM
does it snow in oz??? :?

01-07-2004, 09:10 AM
does it snow in oz???

only in very very far away places ... deffinately not in queensland!!!

01-07-2004, 09:32 AM
so you`ll never know what pleasure we get from scraping hard packed snow and ice off our windscreen and lights at 7am and -10 celcius before we go skating to work in the morning in a f**king blizzard!!!
ahhhhh......what bliss :lol:

09-07-2004, 11:43 AM
Might be cheaper to buy a cheap set of second hand rims and new tyres or even second hand tyres
i wouldnt risk the amount of damage it could cause to the rims and underith the car

ive got the BG astina with standard 7 spoke 14 inchh rims with low profile tyres
they are low profile but well still fairly big
ive got a set of chains for it too and the plastic bits round the side of the chains dosent scratch the rims

10-07-2004, 04:53 PM
buy some chaser rims or sumting if your worried, but it would probably be just fine in the end