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BrownDog 11-01-2017 06:10 PM

JDM KL-ZE + free car
K guys

In my possession is a JDM MX6 that was imported in 2002
Currently has a KLZE engine and an auto box

I was going to remove it and drop into my MX5, but decided a nice snail would be cheaper and easier

Has 220xxxks, runs perfectly and starts every time first go

$1500 for the engine, loom, ECU and auto box
+ a FREE MX6

The MX6:

JDM Model
Mixture of Aus and JDM abort parts
Paint is completely munted
Working sunroof, windows, folding mirrors, 4 Wheel Steering, cold ac, digital climate control
Interior is a little ratty but mostly good
Folding Fog lights aren't working
Box of spare bits in the boot

Very possible to just get a RWC, slap on some rego, scrape the snot paint of, quick prime and some rattle can paint and BAM! A JDM Cruiser

PM me for pictures and more info.....

bjk 24-09-2018 01:34 PM

Gonna be that guy... is this still around? :rolleyes:

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