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ghetto3 05-01-2014 07:25 PM

noocastle noosagents
Stuck in newcastle heights for the night, can local peeps help me find a gat dang newsagent,thats open, that sells a car related mag worth reading.
Im desperate, i'd even read hot 4s if i had to,
Just cars, street machine or bogan booby mags is all i can find.:confused:

Hammo 05-01-2014 07:35 PM

nothing apart from servo's would be open this time of night, could try a servo, i know they sell some car related mags

ghetto3 05-01-2014 09:37 PM

Ahh i'm entertaining myself by researching bp converted 121's and thinking of ways i could squeeze the itbs in around the booster and firewall.
Has it been done before though?

Theres a bubble for sale just down the road right now;)

Clean_Cookie 06-01-2014 01:18 AM

Bp in a bubble has to be done from the bottom. I..e too wide to fit in chassis rails. We've got one and it's uber reliable and uses 6.5L/100kms. Done 100k with no more than a waterpump timing belt and regular oil changes and tighten up of power steering pump. Done 50k on the khumos and on the front they're probably still 50% and 90% on rear lol. Should swap them soon.

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