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CBA Lantis / BA Astina stuff just arrived:

Lantis Hatch parcel shelf, with Mazda option Storage bag. Zippable all the way around, takes items to 2kg weight. $134

KAROism floormats for Lantis. Custom-made out of Sisal and rubber backed - over $440 new! Has the eyelet hole to anchor the drivers mat to the floor. The ultimate in JDMness. $167

Mazda Lantis brochure. 1995. 8 pages. $25

Lantis brochure. 1993. 42 pages. White logo on cover. $33

Lantis brochure. 1993. 42 pages. Blue logo on cover. $33

Lantis Options & Accessories brochure. 1994. 16 pages. $25

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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