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Just Added:

Tein springs for BA Astina / CBA Lantis. Front spring rate 5.9kgf/mm, rear 2.9kgf/mm. Front drop 43mm, rear 48mm. $180

Lantis dealer showroom plate. Made of plastic, printed Lantis logo. 1 only (2 shown). Ridiculously rare - never available to buy. $110

BG Astina / Eunos 100 dealer showroom plate. Made of aluminium, screenprinted reflective logo. Ridiculously rare - never available to buy. $110

Mazdaspeed Water temperature sender fitting. Comes with 2-sized clamps. $64

Generic boss kit. Fits Mazdaspeed wheels, plus Nardi or MOMO bolt patterns. Will fit any Mazda post-1988 (except FC RX-7). $30

Mazdaspeed Boss kit, with airbag delete plug (will disable the airbag light in the dash from throwing up an error). Came off a BJ 323, boss kit will fit any modern Mazda with an Airbag. $79

Mazdaspeed Gearknob - Carbon/Aluminium Short version. $95

Mazdaspeed Gearknob - Carbon-look version. $105

Mazdaspeed Gearknob Gaiter Bung. Holds up the leather boot when a Mazdaspeed gearknob is used. Anodised black, but can be polished. $55

Mazda RX-8 Foglights. Genuine Mazda. 55W. Comes with fitting kit including detailed English instructions, foglight surrounds, indicator stalk with integrated foglight switch, in Mazda box. New - never fitted. $180

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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