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Just Added: 9/10/10

AutoExe stainless steel muffler for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis. Excellent condition, very rare and hasn't been available new for many years. $315

YoursSports front bar for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis. Ridiculously rare outside of Jpan, this would be the only on in Australia. Fibreglass. Comes with YS foglights and offset numberlate holder. Excellent condition, painted in Sparkle Green. Some scratches underneath, and one foglight cover has a small crack. $415

Clear bumper combination lights for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis. $45

Foglights for 1.8 BJII front bar (non-SP20). With plugs. Hard to find unbroken! $224

Sail panel Tweeters for BJ. Come with tweeters and covers. $93

Efini Badge. Mazda sub-brand in Japan, similar to Eunos. $30

Mazdaspeed Steering wheel. 360mm. Perforated leather, excellent condition. $241

Mazdaspeed full centre horn pad. leather, with embossed MS logo. Extremely rare, fits all MS wheels. $120

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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