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Now in stock:

Mazdaspeed seat brackets for:

1994-1998 323 BA Astina / CBA Lantis / BA 323F.
1994-1998 323 BH Protegé / BHA Familia / BA Protegé
(2WD only)

- Drivers side and Passenger side available.
- Fits both Hatch/Coupé and Hardtop/Sedan.
- Works with Mazdaspeed Type-F, Type-T and Sports seats.
- Available in pairs (LHS and RHS) or individual sides.
- 8 sets available only (and probably no more after this!).

- $110 per individual seat (LHS or RHS)
- $210 for a pair (RHS and LHS)

- Australia: $15 for either a single or pair of brackets, Australia-wide.
- International: Please PM for a quote.

The brackets:

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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