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Just Added: 7/2/2011

Mazdaspeed MS-01F in 16x7 +35 / 16x8 +35 5x114.3. Polished lip, faded gold centres. Forged one-piece version, so very light weights - 5.5kg for the 16x7! Lips are in good condition - only three small marks, but the lips do need a polish to be perfect. Willing to split as pairs, or make a set of 4 x 16x7 or 16x8 with the other set i have, too. $SOLD

Maruha Motors adjustable cam gear for B6 or BP engine. Brand new, very high quality japanese made cam gear. Black/Silver version. Made of duralumin, double anodized. $SOLD

AutoExe stainless steel muffler for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis Coupe. Generally good condition but a small dent and some scratches in the muffler. No rattles. Very rare! $294

BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis foglights. Early type. 35W H3 bulbs. Complete with plugs. $165

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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