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Just Added: 15/3/2011

Mazdaspeed 340mm 'D' Steering Wheel. Leather, made by Momo. Good condition, but some slight wear. Embossed with the Mazdaspeed logo in the centre. Very rare. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed horn button in White. Excellent condition. $SOLD
Mazdaspeed CF-look horn surround. Comes with collets and screws. $SOLD
Earthing ring free if both are bought.

Mazda Airbag steering wheel from and FD Efini RX-7. Leather, in excellent condition. Comes with airbag and cruise control buttons (which could be wired to something else easily enough). Rare option, will fit other Mazdas of a similar era. $159

Mazdaspeed seat brackets for NA/NB MX-5. Drivers side. $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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