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Just Arrived: 15/8/11

AutoExe suspension for BJ Astina / Familia / Protege 5. AutoExe progressive springs: 30mm drop, spring rates: F: 2.4-2.9kgf/mm, R: 1.7-2.3kgf/mm. AutoExe shocks front and rear - firmer than stock, and perfectly matched to the AutoExe springs. Excellent condition, good compression, no leaks, no bends. $SOLD

AutoExe stainless steel muffler for BJ Protege / Familia Sedan only. 50mm piping, 75mm tip. Great condition, no rattles, but could do with a polish. $SOLD

Mazda Nardi steering wheel. Blue and black leather. Great condition, just a couple of minor marks here and there. With airbag. Fits BJ, FD, NB etc. $SOLD

Tanabe Hyper Medalion stainless steel muffler for BJ Astina / Familia S-Wagon / Protege 5 - Hatch only. 50mm piping, 100mm tip. Good condition, no rattles, but could do with a polish. $245

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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