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Just Added: 8/3/1012

Mazdaspeed MS-01R in 15x7 +35 4x100. Gold finish, polished lip. Complete with centre clips, nuts and covers. Some minor rash on a couple of rims. Tyres are there for decoration. $630

Mazdaspeed Enkei NC Roadster wheels. 17x7 +55 5x114.3. Pair only Good condition, apart from a scratch on one spoke as pictured. New ones from still available from Mazda if you want to make a set. $335.

Mazdaspeed locking spanner for MS-01F/LM/C wheels in 17"-19". $48

Mazdaspeed centre caps for MS-01S wheels. Bronze, flat type. Also fits Rays TE37/CE28N/LMGT4. $SOLD

SSR Star Formula Mesh pair in 15x7 +8 4x114.3. Stepped dish, silver centres. Good condition, but some minor rash on the lips. No bends or buckles. Would make an excellent set with this pair. $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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