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Just Added: 9/3/2012

Mazdaspeed gearknob - round type. Leather/aluminium. Suits smaller Mazda thread, or remove the bottom cap and use on more common Mazda thread. As-new condition. $122

Mazdaspeed Oil cap in black. New in box. Rare in black. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed 1.3 bar radiator caps. New. Pink fits: BA Lantis, FC & FD RX-7, NB MX-5, CP Premacy, BJ auto, LV MPV, SG and GW Capella. Green fits: DW & DY Demio, BJ manual. $89 each. GREEN SOLD.

Mazdaspeed Rotary ash tray/container. Chrome outer, black inner. Removable lid. New in Mazdaspeed box. Quite heavy. $142

Mazda rotary demonstration model. Promo used by Mazda dealers. 70s-80s. Crazy rare! $102

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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