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Just Added: 20/5/12

Pit Crew Racing single windscreen wiper conversion for NA/NB MX-5. Good condition, and very rare these days. $SOLD

ARC Magic Super Intake Chamber for NA8 and NB MX-5 1.8/BP. Handmade aluminium, good condition with only a couple of small marks on the top RHS. Comes with silicone joiners, direct replacement for the plastic pipe. Very hard to find the NA8 ones these days. $SOLD

Cusco front strut brace for NC MX-5. Perfect condition, and very light. Made of alloy. $276

Fujitsubo 4-1 stainless steel exhaust manifold for NA6 MX-5 1.6/B6. Good condition, no cracks or leaks, but some surface discoloration near the collector. Good for top-end power. $SOLD

ARC Magic Airbox for NA8 and NB MX-5 1.8/BP. Handmade aluminium, good condition. Comes with foam filter and brackets, plus one side is heatwrapped. Hard to find, and no longer available new. $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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