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Just Added: 7/8/12

Mazdaspeed Parts Catalogue - 1995/1996 edition. 200+ pages. Good condition. Covers all 80s-96 Mazdas. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed Parts Catalogue - 2000 edition. 200+ pages. Good condition, but some wear to cover. Covers most 80s-00 Mazdas. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed shock absorber keyring. New. Can be depressed and acts like a working shock. Discontinued. $57

Mazdaspeed keyring - long version. From the 90s. Good condition. $55

Mazdaspeed mirror cover. Metallic black version - much rarer than the already-rare CF-look version. Fits late 90s+ Mazdas such as NB MX-5, BJ 323, FD RX-7, GW Capella, DW Demio etc. New. $SOLD

AuotArt 1/64 RX-8 keyring. New. $19

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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