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Just added: 28/8/12

Mazdaspeed sideskirts for BA Astina Hatch and Hardtop / CBA Lantis / 323F. Perfect condition, FRP and painted in factory silver. Genuine MS, hard to find, and a perfect fit every time (unlike cheap copies). $SOLD

Fujitsubo Giken catback exhaust for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis / 323F. Stainless muffler with a slashcut tip, and mild steel piping. Excellent condition. 60mm piping, 100mm tip, no rattles or dents. $360

Mazdaspeed shock absorbers for BA Astina Hatch and Hardtop / CBA Lantis / 323F. Adjustable damper - 5 step rears, 4 step fronts. Excellent compression, but one front is slightly stiffer than the other (but not significantly). No rust, bends or leaks. Perfect for lowering springs. $SOLD

Recaro drivers side seat rail for BA Astina Hatch and Hardtop / CBA Lantis / 323F and BA / BHA Protege. Fits most bottom-mount aftermarket seats. Excellent working order. $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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