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Just Added: 24/9/12

Japanese dealer promotional cigarette models. Approximately 1/20 scale. About 2kg each, and made of plated white metal with flocked cigarette holder bays. Made for the release of any new cars sold in Japan, and given away/sold by dealers at the time of their release. Some come with wind-up music boxes as well. '60s-'70s cars are relatively common, and even some '90s models were made but were made in much more limited quantities.

Mazda Luce AP / RX-4 Coupe. One of the few Mazda models made - super rare compared to something like a Toyota. $151

Toyota Corolla AE70 / KE70 Sedan. $155

Datsun 910 Bluebird Sedan. Music box as well, in working order. $135

Toyota Celica TA40 Coupe. $138

Toyota Corolla KE30 Coupe. $129

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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