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Just Added: 24/9/12

Mazdaspeed front lip for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis Coupé / 323F. Genuine Mazdaspeed - not a crappy ill-fitting copy. Made of FRP, in pretty good condition. Paint is average, and some light scratches underneath the front/centre. Very rare in such good condition,a nd getting quite hard to find as they were discontinued years ago. $385

CM's Mazda Rally Car Collection. 1/64 scale. Set of 7 cars - 1 x SA22 RX-7, 3 x BF 323 4WD, 3 x BG 323 GT-R (including the limited 'mystery item' black BG GT-R). Highly detailed. Comes with all original packaging, and even the original display box. All packages have been opened in Japan to ensure the complete set, but otherwise in excellent condition. Hard to find the whole complete set - and impossible to find the original display box. $128

Centre console armrest Cupholder for BA Astina / CBA Lantis / 323F. Black version. Replaces the console lid with a 1-, 2-, or 3-can holder. Good condition. Very hard to find! $SOLD

Cusco front strut brace for CP Premacy. Good condition. Same as one of the AutoExe variants. $147

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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