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Just Added: 11/12/12

Mazdaspeed Rotary Power mascot soft toys. Super rare, released for a short time in the '90s. Excellent condition, with the Mazdaspeed logo on a tag on the back. 3 available...and probably the last 3 you'll ever see for sale. Yes they're expensive, but they cost a lot to buy! $228 each.

1999 Mazdaspeed Parts Catalogue. 180 pages, covering all '90s Mazdas. Excellent condition. $45

Mazdaspeed Carbon/Aluminium gearknob - long version. Heavily weighted, and about 2cm longer than the much more common 'short' version. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed Carbon/Aluminium gearknob - short version. 4 to choose from! $95 each

Mazdaspeed Horn Button in white. 2 available. $58 ea

Mazdaspeed Horn Button in gold/silver. $58

Mazdaspeed J&S knock sensor control unit. Detects pinging in your engine. Came from a B-Spec NA MX-5, but it's fairly universal in application and the non-MS branded versions are available new still. $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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