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Just added: 17/2/13

Mazdaspeed Le Mans watch. Made in Japan in the '90s for Mazdaspeed. Has the rotor symbol that rotates as the second hand. Very rare - was only ever a promo item celebrating the 1991 Le Mans win. In excellent condition - the clear strap is very slightly yellowed. Mechanism is untested. $SOLD

Mazdaspeed stickers celebrating the 1991 Le Mans win. $15

Mazdaspeed grille badge. Genuine MS, different to the copies floating around. $45

Mazdaspeed stickers for the 1992 Le man entry. 3 available. $15

Mazdaspeed combo pen/pencil. Promo items from the early '90s. All still work, surprisingly. 3 different pen/pencils available. $25 each.

Mazdaspeed stickers for various years' entries. ONLY TWO SMALL remaining - $10 ea.

Mazdaspeed cigarette lighter. Made by BIC in the early '90s for Mazdaspeed. All still work, surprisingly. Promo items - never sold to the public. 5 different colors available. $20 each.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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