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Just added: 17/2/13

Sport20 sideskirts for BJ Astina + Protege, Familia etc. No cracks, but one has a scratch with some missing paint. $214.

Familia Jacket. From the '80s, made for Mazda. Good condition, quite warm and thickly padded. About a medium-large in size. Does have a few small marks and pale stains here and there that may come out with a wash. $60

Mazda Clean Box for BJ 323 Astina & Protege. JDM accessories for the Familia, mounts to the centre console in passenger side footwell. Excellent condition, comes with screws and bracket. $73

AutoExe front strut brace for BJ 323 Astina / Familia / Protege & GW 626 / Capella. Tubular aluminium cente, very light. Made by Cusco. Good condition. $194

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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