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Just added: 18/5/2013

AutoExe carbonfibre ram air intake for BJ 323 Astina & Protege / Familia. Made by GruppeM, and uses a washable K&N cone filter. Good condition, and comes with mounting bracket and silicone joiner. The best-sounding intake for BJs!

MintBlue rear wing for BJ 323 Astina / Familia S-Wagon. Very rare ouside of Japan, and gives the Hatch a bit of a WRC look as it mounts lower down the sides than the OEM rear wing (which can still be used!). Very light, made of FRP as far as i can tell, and in good condition.

AutoExe 3 point front strut tower brace for BJ 323 Astina & Protege / Familia. Made by Carbing for AutoExe. Alloy, so very light and strong. Excellent condition. Fits all RHD BJ 323s. Has a brake master cylinder stopper for improved braking response!

Gialla Sportivo aero grille for BJI 323 Astina & Protege / Familia. Extremely rare. Suits 1998-01. Painted matte black, but otherwise excellent condition.

AutoExe tail lights for BJ 323 Astina Hatch / Familia S-Wagon. Early AutoExe, and hard to find! Uses the JDM double-light lights. Good condition, but does have a scuff in the paint on one light as pictured. Comes with looms - plug and play!

Sport20 fog lights for BJ 323 Astina & Protege SP20 / Familia. Great condition - no chips or cracks, but one has a slight discoloration at the bottom. Comes with mounts and looms. Over $600 each new from Mazda.
$ONE SOLD, One left for $90.

AutoExe stainless steel muffler for BJ 323 Protege Sedan. Very rare sedan version, which uses a longer tip to suit the extra length of the Protege. Great condition, but some slight heat discoloration (that usually polishes out with a bit of work). Straight bolt-on application, and a great sound.

Carbing front strut tower brace for BJ 323 Astina & Protege / Familia. Alloy version - lightweight. Excellent condition. Also fits GW Capella / 626.

Tanabe Hyper Medalion stainless steel muffler for BJ 323 Astina / Familia S-Wagon / Protege 5. Hatch only. 50mm piping, 100mm tip. Good condition, no rattles, could do with a polish but does polish up well as per the clean spot on the barrel!

Momo airbag steering wheel - OEM Mazda wheel to suit BA Astina/Protege 323, NA MX-5, FD RX-7 etc. Leather, and in good condition. Comes with the airbag module.

Lamco Boost and Volts gauges, from a BG 323 Familia GT-X / GT-R. Good condition. Comes with mount, looms, but no sensors.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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