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Enkei Turbo Mesh - set of 4, in 14x6.5 +10 4x114.3. Super rare, and this set is the version with black centres and machined faces. You won't see a set like this again any time soon - and no one at the next car meet will have these! A couple of marks here and there, but they're in pretty good condition considering they're probably 30 years old.

Work Meister S1 2-piece - set of 4, in 16x7.5 +35 4x100. Polished lips, white faces with blue Work Wheels stickers. Excellent condition all round, apart from one small area of rash on one wheel as pictured. Lots of dish! Tyres are Falken Ziex ZE512 in 205/45R16 with decent tread. Also comes with Work anodised valves. Hard to find in this size.

Yokohama Advan A3C - set of 4, in 14x6 +6 4x114.3. Good overall condition, with some rash that'd been cleaned up on all rims. Would come up well with a good polish! Very hard to find, especially as they're ~30 years old. Machined centres, anodised lips.

Mazdaspeed MS-01F - pair, in 16x7 +35 5x114.3. Made by Rays Engineering, and are a forged one-piece wheel. Very strong and very light - under 6kg each. Excellent condition - the anodised lips are almost like new, and the silver faces are in good condition too.

Mazdaspeed centre covers for 15 inch MS-01 and MS-01R. Hard to find a full set these days. Silver, in good condition. Set of 4.

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