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Just Added: 04/06/2013

Maxim Works titanium front strut brace for NA & NB MX-5. Crazy rare, no longer available. Rose joined end. Quite light.

Mazdaspeed 4-point roll bar for NA & NB MX-5. Chrome version, in excellent condition. Stiffens the car, adds safety, and mounts to factory holes. Fits under hard- and soft-top.

Zoom Engineering carbon gauge hood for NA MX-5. Square-cut version in good condition, but does have a couple of yellowing spots on the inside.

ARC Magic Super Intake for NA6 1.6 MX-5. Handmade from alloy, in good condition. Increases response and reduces heat soak. Comes with silicone joiners for plug-and-play replacement.

Carbing front strut brace for NA & NB MX-5. Comes with adjustable brake master cylinder stopper. Excellent condition, alloy version - very light and strong.

Zoom Engineering vented headlight cover intake for NA MX-5. Comes with a free OEM one!

Cusco rear subrframe brace for NA MX-5. No bends or cracks.

GR Craft carbon fibre radiator air diversion cooling panel for NA MX-5.

Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Light Set for NA MX-5. Brand new from GV, with the required Mazda and Daihatsu lights to complete it. Made of FRP. Really changes the look of the back! Comes with all fitting instructions.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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