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Originally Posted by 02-KQ-LASR View Post
maybe interested in the handbrake..
Pics have been deleted from the auction, but it's the same as the one i bought for myself from memory. No handbrake button though, i think. $100

Originally Posted by marcs_sp20 View Post
how much for the ms carbon gearknob?

Originally Posted by allainl View Post
Rupe, post some pics as soon as you get them...
Will do.

Originally Posted by offshore4ft View Post
How much for the cupholder to the UK please Rupe? Also the handbrake cover - Just incase 02-KQ-LASR doesn't want it.
I've got one in stock. $140 + $47 Airmail/$27 Seamail (based on a 1.5kg package - but i can't remember what they weigh!). New one will be the same price. Handbrake cover would be no extra postage, otherwise about $20 postage
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