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New turbo, manifold and dump pipe has been sorted.

Have gone with another 2xs tubular steam pipe manifold.
This one is twin scroll t3 divorces flange, '
with 2x tial 38mm external gates.

Dump pipe is again, another 2xs one, with 3" V-band outlet, and 2x v-band plumb back ports for the external gates.

Turbo is Garrett GTX3076, with Garrett Ni-resist T3 Divorced exhaust inlet
and 3" v-band outlet (external gate only.. none of that internal gate turbulent nonsense!)

This week i will be putting the compressor housing back onto the lather to clean up the casting inside of the 4" surge ported snout.
Will also be polishing the housings outlet, and general clean up of the outer casing before powdercoat.

Turbine housing I will be lathing down each of the bolts holding it to the CHRA.
They are all slightly too long and intruding into one side of the turbine port.

All of this should equal.... probably close to Zero results... But i don't like it the way it is, and i would like to fix up the imperfections as made by Garrett... well Honeywell... aka some factory in Mexico before it gets bolted to the new engine.

Will upload some photos of the set up over the weekend
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