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that's a pretty clean install, well done Fhrx.

a few additional thoughts...

1) re-using the oem rainguards for the speakers is not a bad opposite to aftermarket protectors (e.g. some water repelling foam or so) they will safely protect your speakers from the water that IS factually running down in the doors during a rain...

2) to create a completely closed volume you can lead the rods (for door open and door lock handle) through a silicon tube. this silicon tube can be totally fixated/surrounded by the deadening or dampening material and the rods can still move freely.

3) if you buy cheap plastic (=hollow) speaker adapters,you might consider filling them up with putty before installing..makes them sturdy and heavy, a good support for the speakers installation.

4) if you want to use silicone (instead of e.g. acrylic) for filling the gaps between the speaker adapters and the door plate, use -neutral- silicon, NOT acetic based silicon...acetic based silicon supports corrosion on metals, something you don't want.. besides that it stinks like hell. neutral silicon costs 1$ more and it's well spent money.

5) installing new speaker wires is not useful/necessary with any aftermarket speaker/amp combination.
if you don't consider putting significantly more than a 100 wrms to a single speaker, the oem wires are perfectly fine.. the dissipation loss from small wires is commonly overrated, and heavily overrated.

besides that: enlarging the diameter of a wire only makes sense, if it's done the whole way through, from the current giver to the receiver/user. and the user is not your speaker terminal. look at the small wires that go from your speaker terminal to the inside of the speaker, providing the coil(s) with power (=the actual user) and then you know what time it is...

just an extreme example:
here you can see a subwoofer rated with 200 watt of continous power handling.. see the small wires that come from the terminal? THAT is the diameter you need to feed the device properly,no more...

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