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Ashlee - The BG Hatch with loose morals - PHOTOS ADDED

Hello everyone,

I recently became the owner of a white 1989 BG AstinaSP.

She is my bitch and I love her.

Engine: BP 1.8L DOHC
Age: 124,000km (or thereabouts)
Colour: White
Condition: Minimal grime in engine bay, paint is top notch with only a few imperfections. All the elctrics work (mirrors, windows, sunroof) minus the stereo LCD being sun damaged by the looks of it. Still works just can't see a real lot.


3A/Saas Pod with shortened intake length, in partially sealed enclosure
4-2-1 Hurricane Extractors
100cpi Cat Converter
Resinator and Muffler
2.25" Exhaust Piping with 3" tip

50mm lower Lovells springs from Equipe Automotive

Happy Rape Tape eyes
Satin Black Factory Alloys
Anodised Blue Rota Wheel Nuts
H4 Narva SuperWhite globes with white parkers

AXIS Touch Screen DVD player
6" 3 way AXIS in front doors
6x9 GIGA AXIS 3 ways in Rear 'shelf'
Powered by 4 Channel Digital Amp (XT2004D)
10" Crossfire Sub in sealed enclosure
Powered by AXIS XT5001D Monoblock

I work at AudioXtra on Tapleys Hill Road and she is parked out front Mon-Fri. Please beep/loose traction as you travel past and notice her on her corner.

How she looked stock:

To Do List:

Paint Rocker Cover Some RainbowPony colour
YellowSpeed coilovers
Whiteline strut braces front and rear
SuperPro Bushes all round
8" wide rims at as close to 0 offset as I can
Non Bob Jane Tyres- NEXT
Interior LED light for doors open
White LED dash lights
Dished steering wheel - DONE
Atomik Shifter - DONE
LED parker lights
H4 White globes - DONE
Round DRL's below headlights in vents
Drink lots of beer - W.I.P
Second Amendment
Light dimmer for doors shutting so that it fades out



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