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Just Added: 19/4/2011

Aero wing for BJ Astina Hatch / Familia S-Wagon. Made of plastic, fits over standard rear wing (which it comes with), so no need to drill new holes. No manufacturer/brand on it, but possibly Erebuni. Excellent condition. $247

Carbing 2 point front strut brace for BJ Astina / Protege / Familia. White, good condition. Very light! $187

Grey surround headlights for BJII Astina / Protege / Familia 1.6/1.8. OEM Mazda (not aftermarket), excellent condition. Very hard to find. $SOLD

Leather Automatic gear shifter for BJ Astina / Protege / Familia. Excellent condition. Very hard to find. $95

Foglight switch for BJ Astina / Protege / Familia. $38

Nardi leather steering wheel for BJ Astina SP20 / Protege / Familia Sport20. Some wear to the silver parts, and stitching is frayed in one small spot (top left of silver). No airbag or centre pad. Perfect for a retrim/recolour. $55

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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