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Just Added: 20/10/12

Mazdaspeed front lip for BA Astina Hatch / CBA Lantis Coupé / 323F. Genuine Mazdaspeed - not a crappy ill-fitting copy. Made of FRP, in pretty good condition. Paint is good, and some light scratches underneath the front/centre. Very rare in such good condition, and getting quite hard to find as they were discontinued years ago. $SOLD

AutoExe Tunable Suspension Kit coilovers for BJ Astina / Protege / Familia. Height and damper adjustable. No bends, no leaks, good (but mixed) compression. Some paint missing from the springs but this is common for AutoExe coilovers. $SOLD

Centre console armrest Cupholder for BA Astina / CBA Lantis / 323F / BHA Protege. Dark grey version. Replaces the console lid with a 1-, 2-, or 3-can holder. Good condition. Very hard to find! $158

AutoExe Lower Control Arm brace for BJ Astina / Protege / Familia. Good condition, though has some scrape marks. $SOLD

Type-R mini side skirts for BA Astina / CBA Lantis / 323F. Painted in grey, with a few small marks underneath. Comes with the seals. $189

AutoExe rear strut brace for BJ Astina / Familia. Alloy version in excellent condition. Very hard to find these days! $SOLD

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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