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Originally Posted by marcusus View Post
It's actually the MS-01R stickers that'll be the problem. The 'Mazdaspeed' an 'Roadster' stickers are fairly generic images which should be able to be pulled off the net and changed to sticker format. The MS-01R is what concerns me most. I reckon the 'R' is the same as the 'R' in 'Roadster', and the 'MS-01' bit looks like a generic font with italics. So you could probably get around it, but it'd be much nicer to have a factory set.
Finally got a reply back, and no go for the 'MS-01R' sticker or the 'Mazdaspeed Roadster' ones - just too old.

Cosmo Dude, what's the length of the 'Mazdaspeed' sticker on yours? I might be able to get them but I've been asked the length of them
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