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Yes was all good for me until - okay for those who don't know.

Just as we went to our last photo shoot - my flex line for clutch my 24 YEAR OLD flex line. only really I guess 320,000km old because it came off a car when I converted it at 260,000km and I added the rest and it's the only thing I didn't upgrade or put new because I was budgeting at the time.

Well it blew or pin hole I guess. where well for those who helped out. It had I guess it's own heat shielding ? inside down bottom and it was pushing back up reason it was hard to find.

So in effect no clutch to use with out pumps. So cable ties and usb cable for when it dropped to floor. Lucky how ironic super cheap 500m on exit to that bridge.

Fluid filled - once on way to freeway entry - it was only 3rd 4th and 5th - lucky in h box each only 1000rpm apart really. Stopepd at freeway because I had to use the clutch couple times. Just to refill no need still full. 5th gear all bottom end torque and boost - Fine.
But then I noticed Oh crap fuel gauge was eating a lot more then normal. Then again it has own issues. locked the cruise at speed. I get to Hornsby Green lights I was going to check on any lost fluid and add fuel but Green lights. kept going until one lucky down hill. rev matched first pissing people off in left lane. Then one was on a uphill. it was hand brake - floor tap clutch dump elevens, axle tramp. Hit the M2.

Now I thank god for that link - M2 - lane cove tunnel - Harbour tunnel - Eastern Distributor. But then Typical ****ers of the M5 - can't merge can't accelerate out of the dam thing I get stuck behind Hummer limo. Can't get 2nd gear. first is too short. but it stops ****. somehow must of pumped all fluid out or hole got bigger. Stop in tunnel- very popular. 1st start it (lucky near new reco starter ) smashed 2nd like a whore. and leave 300meter gap.
Kingsgrove exit out of tunnel top out 2nd. some how only got one red light but I crawled to it in 2nd on a uphill shaking at 800rpm. Yelling GO GREEN - then its MOVE YOU ****EN MOTHER BASTARD - HOMO - UPSIDE DOWN **** ***** ASS HOLES.
Then basically once inside the block. All my back streets - cut in front of people didn't matter. then I into driveway can't get out of gear it's stalling 2nd hopping and can't get turbo timer to shut off.

Its was lots and lots of fun. Mainly because it's like add concentration. like when you drive a truck pre select gear, anticipate traffic give finger run over small hatch backs.

Footage is not exceptional. then again I guess because when I see police I keep going - ever one else fades away. So not a great looking snake Astina's visible but not great
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