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Originally Posted by 02-KQ-LASR View Post
how hard is it too install these into my laser?
See below. The same applies for any car.

Originally Posted by Rupewrecht View Post
It wouldn't take too much effort. The rails on each MS seat are identical, but there's little brackets that go on each corner of the rail that are different for each car. Lantis/Astina one are pretty rare, but they wouldn't be that hard to get someone to fabricate some - it's just 3 or 4mm bent steel. Getting them new is virtually impossible though.
Originally Posted by Rupewrecht View Post
You can remove the rail from you standard seats...but i'm honestly not sure if they're interchangeable with the MS ones - i've never needed to try.

You'll be in this situation for any aftermarket seats you buy, as few make rails to fit a BA.
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