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Originally Posted by Rafferty View Post
Hey man, your car looks great! (Mines the same colour - champaigne gold)
I've been thinking about the 5stud conversion myself.. What parts do you need do do it?. And is it straight forward? Cheers, Raf
kool man you'll have to come out to our next meeting so we have 2 gold mazdas,

the 5 Stud conversion was so to say quite easy just time consuming,

you'll need the front and rear hubs off an sp20 and new brake rotors and either get a lock nut set for the extra stud or buy a new set of wheel nuts,(5 stud ones lol) " FamiliaGTX" has a full set of hubs, calipers and rotors for sale at a good price,
but yea it's pretty straight forward, just unbolt and re-bolt up if you need any addvice or a hand just give us a bell man

you can put the sp20 rear lower control arms on if you want( there shorter ) but just a heep of extra work for (what i would call lesser gain) getting the bottem of the wheel inside the car body, mine has poke and then i just x-drilled my top hub bolt holl on the rear shock to allow me to put negitive camber on the rear wheels so the top of the tyre fits in the guardif your car is lowered

what wheels you planing on running?
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