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Hey lads, even though the ba project has finished her engine is still being modified to drop into the mx5 and i figured i'd end off this worklog with a couple pics of what is planned next.

I picked this up pretty much for a song, and a set of mazdaspeed rims from mad matt and was just going to swap the b6 engine out, perform a few little maintenance jobs, no sweat.
I started with replacing the clutch slave and the little bit of rust discovered about the brake booster kicked off a complete engine bay paint strip. The interior was rubbed back bare next The entire driveline has been binned in favour of later model subframes, torsen2 4.44:1 diff etc,etc. It was disassembled into single pieces almost overnight.

Best laid plans eh'.

A mock up of the rotrex bracket while measuring and planning.
The engine has a new lower comp head being pieced together with standard dia. backcut supertech valves and new guides sourced from miataroadster. The earlier head was shaved 0.075" to squeeze the compression ratio up a bit. The new block is a stock (for now) low km 10:1 bottom end from a later nb mx5 . So to end up with a reasonable comp. ratio i'd either have to run a thick head gasket or find another excuse to work another bp head over.

Progress is slow however I may throw the odd progress shot up in this log rather than start a new one for the mx5 as it all comes (and hopefully stays) together. I miss my ba and sometimes almost regret pulling her down and parting her out. Cheers guys,

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