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Ironically I was searching Google for cam questions. Found a thread on here started by me ��

An update. I blew the HD clutch so then decided to put the built 1.8 into it along with the clutch and turbo. The ba was rebuilt wirh a stock motor and sold.

Then the waiting began. I spent a lot of money for a known fabricator in the mx5 scene to build a new setup. 18mths later I have half an exhaust....but not to worry, it'll be done soon apparently!

Changes since last driven..quite a list!
Built 1.9l 9.5:1 cr with a head from mcwilly with larger kelford 272 cams,sub,springs,ported
Gt2871rs turbo (now way too small...maybe a gtx30 series)
1000cc injectors
Modified Skunk pro street manifold and larger tb
E85 flex setup with all new lines
Fpr dual feed rail and fuel pump installed from lantis.
New innovate guages in dash (air/fuel, oil temp and pressure, water temp, battery voltage, boost)
New rollbar from automotive +
New drivers seat (velo podium 2)
6 point willans harness
Mca red coilovers in 11/7
Advanti storm 15x9 With 225/40 rs3's
3.65 torsen 2 diff
6 speed gearbox
Not yet fitted a later model subframe and steering rack for better geometry.
Largest stock brakes (270,272mm)
Adaptronic 440
Coolant rerouted to 37mm Koyorad radiator with Spal fans
Mac valve for boost control

I'll update once actually together...maybe next year...

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