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Just Added: 26/6/11

Set of Mazdaspeed MS-01 rims in 17x7 +30 5x114.3. Silver centres with polished lip. Hard to find in a same-sized set. Good overall condition, with only some light/shallow gutter rash on the rims. Approx 7.5kg ea. Two tyres with good tread, two with low tread. NOT INCLUDING CENTRE CAPS OR COVERS. $697

Set of three Mazdaspeed MS-01S in 15x6.5 +35 4x100. Powdercoated white. Crazy light - only 4.3kg each. Excellent condition. Comes with Rays valves and valve caps. $721

Set of Mazdaspeed J66F rims in 15x6.5 +45 5x114.3. Silver centres with polished lip. Optional JDM fitment on Lantis/BA Astina, BG Familia and BH Familia/Protege. Excellent condition, with only one blemish as pictured. Approx 7kg ea. Made by Rays, with Rays centre caps. $434.

Pair of Mazdaspeed MS-01 in 17x8 +30 5x114.3. Silver centres with polished lip. Good condition, one rim has rash. Tyres have good tread. Approx 8kg ea. $295

Set of Rays CE28N copies in 17x7 +38 5x114.3/5x100. Bronze finish in excellent condition, apart from one area where the paint is missing as pictured. No gutter rash. Approx 6.5kg ea. $SOLD.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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