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Update time.

so i had a really bad day yesterday, so i thought to myself ill work on my motor. I had to do it sooner or later as i wasn’t sure how the head would go on after all the issues with Kris’s head. so after cleaning all the threads, installing the ARP head studs, i put the head on and torque up the studs to 70nm. This wasn’t as simple it seems lol. As I started torque-ing up the head studs, they started to slip. Immediately I was worried due to the past history with Kris’s motor. After further investigation Phill (who dropped bye to show off his hairdresser car) noticed that the socket I was using was only 6 sided.. These head studs where a 12 or 18 sided nut.. So Kris drove home to get his set of sockets and BAM the head torqued up perfectly haha.
Then I got bored and test fitted the cam gears that I have had for about 2 years now..


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