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Originally Posted by HAIGHIE View Post
Hello Fellow AGT friends.

As stated in title, there will be a re-make / copy of the Wholesale 20mm Rear Sway Bar (RSW) for the Mazda (BJ) series. By far the best one ever.

For all of you looking to get the most out of your cars handling this is by far the greatest mod and most cost effective out of all of them. And will give your car that go kart feeling.

Now the more Numbers we have the cheaper it will be, all RSB's will be supplied with Super Pro D-bushes as well with CUT TO LENGHT end links. Unless you already have AAC links.

I will make a HOW TO on fitting the bar so there will not be any issues with sway bar Knock. As this seemed to be a big issue previously with incorrect fitment of the RSB. With INCORRECT length END LINKS

I hope to have the bar around the $300 mark with the extras, but as I said before the more that get made the cheaper it will be, the less the more expensive it will be.

And then shipping but if there are more then one going to Say QLD I can send together and you can cut the shipping costs in haft,

The time on these RSB's are around a 4-6 week process to have them copied and sent back to me, so give a rough time frame of up to 8ish weeks from the time of order and it will be in your car.

So once we start to get a good number of interest I will get the Ball rolling

lets see some numbers.

1. ONE23Q
2. Eddy
Add me to the list
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