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Drakh's BA klze project

Hi all, and welcome to my project thread.
My name is James and I have owned 3 Lantis's personally with an extra 4 through family at my recommendation
Firstly, I'm going to go through my history with the lantis, which started with my 95 silver BA, which for a car that was chosen simply for the fact it was a manual, has ruled every car buying decision I have made too date.
Here it is

This pic was taken after I fitted a set of mazdaspeed struts with lowering springs

And about 2 months later

I was speeding and then some douche pulled out in front of me, to which I overcompensated to avoid collision and went in2 a deep ditch, rolled and hit a power pole with the underside of the car. very very very lucky to walk away with just a scratch.
(fyi- I do acknowledge my fault in this incident)

more pics

I know some have already seen these pics, just getting every detail in2 1 thread.

Anyway, with lantis numero uno dead, I found myself a cheep v6 lantis with a stuffed auto box and mostly stuffed motor.

It quickly became a manual with the straight neck 2.5 klze. was alot of fun

This was my original klze setup, which, when it died, was replaced with a near identical klze setup. Unfortunately the second motor was blowing blue smoke from the second I started it. Much frustration............

Anyway that brings me to the current setup, which is a curved neck klze.
Finally got the lantis certified for coilovers, auto to manual swap and the klze swap earlier today, just have to wait for the certification plate to be sent up, and I'm all legal again.

Pics of my final setup will b posted tomorrow when I clean it for the first time in about 8mths. Thanks 4 looking at what I got so far.
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Very Nice, hopefully your megasquirt will do good

Its geeing me up for the KL-ZE to go in my hardtop ,im craving lol

Looking Good BLack
323 Astina Hardtop Sedan V6 Sports Pack
KFZE - 130 kilowatt Screamer
MAZDA V6's ROCK!!!!!

Rolla Sportivo/T Sport/RunX
2ZZGE - nutter of an engine lol
2.75 inch CAI with Red Pod Filter
Stock Exhaust

Future Plans :
Slowly will see.
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Car: Black Lantis BA 2.5L KLZE
Posts: 92
Here are the new pics, a day later than promised

Curved neck klze this time around

Must say the resolution on this camera aint too great.
Going out to my mates work soon to get the car detailed, so should come back a bit nicer than b4
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