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Engine mount modification??

Hi I'm new to the site
I've been experiencing a bit of heavy shuddering coming from my engine, and I've found the problem- one of the mounts is just shattered....
I can't say i am very surprised - because I have the 2.5l klze engine in my lantis BA- and the burnouts i sometimes do wont have helped either.
Good news is I have got a breaker car - so I have the parts.

What my question is- can the engine mount be strengthed??
I remember once reading a thread on how to drill a small hole in strategic place on the mount and just fill the inner section with an epoxy or something- I cant remember what exactly. Anybody able to help me out to that end???
What would u use to bog up the mount in2 a firmer harder one???

cheers for any ideas
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drilling holes and bogging stuff up wouldnt make it better in my mind. perhaps finding a stronger material and make a new one
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Go and see a place that makes suspension bushes - they'll be able to replace the rubber mount with polyeurethane. It'll make the vibrations in the cabin a little more noticable, but get rid of some of the wheel hop and you'll put the power to the ground a lot better

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had mine fabricated out of polyurethane at the bush shop and had them drill holes so as to make it a little flexible.HTH
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