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The dreaded white smoke

hey all

so as the title says, i have a case of the white smoke coming out the exhaust, how not cool is that!!! Noticed it a couple time in the past month and was hoping it was only condensation, which would have been nice, but yea nah its worse than that.
So i've decided to take the car off the rd and fix it and a couple other things thats arent quite right.

So how hard is it to do the rings? I know its not easy but a mate of mine told me that to get to the pistons i have to take of the bottom end and crank, where as I thought u just had to take off the head.
If any1 has any informative links that would be most appreciated, having a bit of trouble finding good info with the search function.

Also i shud add I have the klze conversion in my lantis. Actually I saw a klze on trademe going for $300
Rekon it might be easier and cheeper then rings, but reliability??? who knows

kinda half/half about what to, yeah, gutted i cant drive my car
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to remove pistons, you need to remove both bottom end and the head. as the pistons have to come out the top, but they are all bolted to the bottom end.

sounds like you are at the stage where you require a overhaul, so doing both shouldn't really bother you.
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