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BA engine mounts and bush kits

Hi everyone, been a long time since I last posted on here. I've been bitten by the lantis bug again, and doing another klze project. But todays question is related to aftermarket engine mounts and bush kits- are there any options easily available for the BA- since everything is comming out there is no better time, especially with the difficult to access rear engine mount, so does any1 know any brands they could recommend? Has any1 tried powerflex? I see they have some universal mounts of various sizes which might fit.....

Anyway, any hints in the right direction is appreciated. cheers
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in oz there isn't much engine mounts available performance wise. K series stuff even more so.

heaps of options for bushes though, whiteline, superpro and nolathane. although i wouldn't recommend nolathane for performance, due to the limited life span and strength.
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Mazdaspeed used to make stuff ones for CBA, but i'm not sure if they've got any left - and they were pricey anyway.

There's a place in Melbourne (which doesn't help yo, i know) that would make solid mounts from the stock ones - I imagine there'd be someone like that in NZ.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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