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Project Worklog Rules

Members Worklogs
  • AGT offers this area for just this topic, and it is open to all members, although, if any member is found to abuse the wishes of others, and therefore, breaking these rules, denial of access to the worklog section may be issued.
  • This is a mutual respect thing among fellow enthusiasts, while this is a public forum and posts are permitted, we are relying on your honor and respect for your fellow AGT users.
  • In order for people to have clean and flowing threads documenting their projects, the IMC STRONGLY urge you to post ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY as to not disturb the sequence of the thread. And even at that, a PM may be just as good
  • So please do not post non related info or silly comments for the hell of it.

Worklog Rules
  • Original thread creator MUST state whether they do not want posts. Some people like to have each post follow, while some may not care. Respect each others wishes. If nothing is stated, then the default is POSTS OK.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO POSTING in worklog threads when asked not to, PM the member.
  • Default attitude here is to read and learn and to document your projects, be them big or small, not to post and discuss. Treat this Worklog forum like your personal space within the forums, where you are free to post project photos, videos, etc.
  • Feel free to PM the member or create a new thread in the appropriate section to discuss. You are more than welcome to post a thread about your project, just not post in a thread about your project.
  • If a member wishes to re-post their thread to have previously permitted posts, now removed, he may PM a member of the IMC for approval.

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