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SP20 - Not starting when turning key at times ....

Hey All,

Okay, so I've had the car for a few yrs now, I first noticed it at least 2yrs ago, basically when I go to start the car it doesn't start, no crank just a tick sound but second time it work, did this say once a month, at first I thought I didn't turn the key properly so didn't think much because always every second time it starts and didn't do it for a long time.

Long story short to now, now I've had this about 10 times were I go to start the car, put the key in to turn car, it doesn't start, doesn't crank, everything else lights up like normal, at times it take 10mins which is annoying but then it works fine.

I did a few video searches, showing putting it in neutral and starting it, now that sometimes works but then it doesn't.

I've replaced the ignition switch with a new one, still the same.
I've ordered a new genuine Mazda neutral switch (I think that's what it's called - sits on gearbox where the selector cables go under air box) still waiting for it to arrive to test it.

But could it be anything else ?

I highly doubt it's the starter motor, I originally thought it was and tapped it a few time while starting and nothing but turning the key a lot of times and playing with the gears helped, I think.

But would appreciate anyone that had this problem or know that could help ?
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Starter motor is fubar, had the same problem.
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Yeah will see once I replace that neutral switch.
It doesn't make sense the starter, I've had starter replacement in other cars all same style how they go, but this is completely different, but will see will most likely replace it if the neutral switch is a fail.
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