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Looks BANG ON,

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Originally Posted by HAIGHIE View Post
Just used night shades man, but you have to buff them back quite a bit so there not Black!!

And same for the side indicators, just night shaded them to but no buff back there, there just black
Yeah you love a Good Rub down don't you?
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this stuff ?? easier to take the tail lights out ?? or just leave them in ?
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Hey man,

Figured id post this here so the information is available for everyone.

The whole concept came about due to sustained rpm leading to premature engine wear and oil starvation issues with the rods. The stock oil pump just doesn't keep enough pressure/flow enough. The second problem is that the internal PRV causes cavitation in the pump which reduces the flow when the valve opens.

As such the DocB setup uses a swaintech coated pump to create tighter tolerances, thus increasing flow and then plugs up the PRV to stop the cavitation. A PRV is needed however as otherwise you get 100+ PSI at the filter which promptly blows the seal (as mat and myself have witnessed when the PRV failed to open).

The way it works is that you get a AN10 return welded into the MBSP for the oil return and use a oil filter relocation kit.

Stock Oil Filter Out -> Peterson PRV -> Oil Filter Adapter -> Back to Engine

The Bleed of oil from the PRV is sent back to the MBSP. Get mat to show you my setup when you come up

EDIT: When rebuilding engine man, make sure you rebuild using tight tolerances on the mains.

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so it's been neally 3 months since I have updated this :/

and I have just come to relise that my car is pretty on the ground hahaha, was just going through the photo's in the previous page love it

I will be updating very soon with the latest that's been happening to the car as som of you have already seen and some already know, but it's been a long time that I've wanted to do it and it's getting done hopefully be back together and finished tomorrow

so keep an eye out for the latest
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Great job, real huge inspiration for my new BJ1 Astina. I've got the roof-racks so far. Hoping to one day get the mk1 sp20 bodykit! Again, great job!
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WOW 4 years since updateing this.
I thonk i remeber why to haha, i was going through the furst pange and editing adding and re organising my entire build list, and right when i went to click update the internet crashed and clean swiped the entire list, (i'd spent about 5 hours doing it up)

But man oh man has the car changed since the last update, its had about $40k+ spent on it, and as it looks much the same just changed wheels right now, there has been some BIG $$$ spent on her.

Not sure if i'mgoing to just keep on this build list, and try and re-do/update to date the build list up on the first page, or start a fresh one, and just do the car from an AS IS point and continue from there. We'll see,
Cars .. 1: 241kw Turbo 1999 BJ 323 Astina . 2: 1983 ke70 Corolla.
3: 2011 PK Ranger Wildtrak (tow car )

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Nice to hear the car is still with you.

You should at least update with some pictures like engine bay and with new wheels
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Yeah please do since all the old pictures are gone
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Looks good bud we'll done
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far out this thing looks mint!!!!
im here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and im all out of ass

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