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Boost Junkie
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My 01 KQ Laser daily

Hi everyone I'm new to the forum so I thought I should share my new car. It's a 2001 LXi Laser with the 1.6 engine and 5 speed.

To be honest I bought this car as a last minute necessity because of selling my old car so I wasn't expecting anything flash. But I actually have an absolute ball driving this thing so I've decided to modify it and have some fun. This surprised the hell out of me considering I've always had powerful rear wheel drives such as a worked XR6 turbo and a twin turbo 300ZX drift car.
Turns out this car has had a few little mods. It has extractors and an exhaust with centre hotdog and 3 inch cannon.

It has been lowered and I'm fairly certain it has been done properly with lowered springs and shocks because it handles like a go kart and doesn't bounce around like chopped springs do. The rear sway bar has what looks like adjustable links but then I don't know if this is a standard item or not. The engine is apparently worked too but the young woman I bought it off didn't say anything about it so I'll have to go back and ask her father more about it.

It loves to rev and it does go quite well for a tiny engine. It also came with the alloy mags and Talon body kit. I'd love to get some wider rims and sticky rubber and roll the guards to get the rims flush. The paint isn't in the best condition with some cracks and chips on the front and rear bars plus the clear coat is peeling on the roof and passenger side.

The body kit parts I can fix myself easy enough with fibreglass and I'll have a go at rubbing back the clear and spraying a couple of extra coats over it.
I'm in the process of removing the badges and side trims and I've already modified the front grill.

The plates came with the car so I decided to name it LAZZA! 😂
Gave it a service today and lucky I did because the oil filter had written on it "change oil at 1/9/14 or 165000. The car now has 177000 on it two years later!!!! I also degreased and washed the engine bay and gave the interior a quick clean, the interior is in mint standard condition too.
Well there you go, I'd like to put more work into the suspension and body and just have fun in it, probably get my CAMS licence again and do some track days or hill climbs. If anyone has any tips or advice then shoot away. Cheers.
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Nice car. did you put any new mods in it?
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Welcome to AGT mate.
Suspension modes are the best thing you can donto these cars.

Where they lack in power they make up for it in the handling departmant.

Have fun with it, look forward to seeing progress on it.

As for the paint, thats a pretty standard thing these days.
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!! Welcome To OzVR4 !!
I know it's abit late haha

I noticed you haven't been online for a while hopefully car still all good and hopefully done some improvements ?


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