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reliability of Mazda vs. Toyota - convince me!

My family have been die hard toyota fans since the 70s. I'm working on becoming a real adult and want to buy a car in the next year and am eyeing the Mazda 3. Mostly because the 2015 corolla is a piece of crap. But I am still scared of change.
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My biggest thing is reliability and ease of maintenance. I would rather have a boring ass car if it meant it would run beautifully for 20 years and the AC worked 100% of the time and the fabric on the seats is still intact. Also, those horror stories of needing to remove a bumper to change a headlight? Yeah, no. That is crazy. I would like for general maintenance to be easy to do.

But, I hear Mazdas offer the reliability and the fun. Is this too good to be true? Whenever people talking reliability, the two big names are Toyota and Subaru. Can Mazda keep up with that?

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All reliability anecdotes aside your money will go further with Mazda than Toyota. That theoretical savings could easily be saved for a rainy day if and when your Mazda has a hiccup.

This past year (2014), Mazda has won the 5 year cost of ownership award from KBB. http://www.kbb.com/new-cars/5-year-cost-to-own-awards/

That means they are reliable, and won't ding your wallet. Toyota's were and still are great for the most part but the price to feature ratio on them and Honda has considerably declined as they don't have to fight as hard to get buyers as they once did.

Mazda on the other hand cannot afford to have a crap car come out of their stables. They are too small and playing too fine a game to remain competitive. So they are forced to be innovative and reliable. This, coupled with other reasons, is why they have avoided turbos while major manufacturers haven't. They stuck with getting as much as they can out of something they knew well and they have done that with all of their skyactiv lines (3, cx-5, 6, and the new cx-3 and mx-5). Right now is the time to buy a Mazda. They can not afford to get something wrong.

Edit - looks like Subaru is on top for this year. Last year was Mazda of the 5year cost of ownership.

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